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Game Need For Speed Underground 2 PortableNeed For Speed Underground 2. In the resounding popularity of Underground, Underground 2 came in 2004 and builds on the success of its predecessor. The biggest change for this game is an "explore" mode which allows players to get around the city, Bayview, in an effort to find a career.

This game saw the elimination of the police chase, which in every game since the first Need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit title. Focused too much customization, open up more options for players to make a car that they always dreamed of. Three SUVs are also added to the game, and can adjust heavier than regular cars are available.

Graphics are the most obvious improvement. We can only describe it as truly amazing, even at lower settings. Lamp with a sparkle of the night sky bridge, and dolls in the shop window catches your eye as past sparkling. Little things, such as pumping your hydraulics and a big down the road, making the experience more enjoyable. Arcade-style racing (basically it is difficult to destroy your car) and easy to learn, but the drifting is an acquired skill that makes the learning curve is gradual, but long. Just knocked the top-notch driving game is product placement everywhere (a Cingular messaging system?), High system requirements, and the large size of the download. Given the depth and quality of Need for Speed ​​Underground 2, though, most players can forgive details.
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Download: Download Game : Need For Speed Underground 2 [Portable]

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