NetStumbler – 0.4.0

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NetStumbler – 0.4.0 is a free program that detects all WLAN networks operating in the range of your network. The program detects networks operating at 802.11a/b/g standards.

With NetStumbler, we can determine the area of ​​the wireless network and locate the places where the signal level is insufficient. Thanks to the active scanning NetStumbler can detect foreign interference causing network with our network.

NetStumbler is not beautiful interface, but its interface is transparent. Color icon next to the network adapter address (MAC) address of the access point to the network if the signal level, and the lock is encryption.

NetStumbler – 0.4.0

Download NetStumbler – 0.4.0 From Downloads App

NetStumbler enables us to obtain detailed information on the network within which we are currently in, making it the perfect tool for administrators of wireless networks. An additional feature is the ability to NetStumbler cooperation with the GPS receiver. In this way (using additional software) you can create a WiFi network coverage maps and other actions.

NetStumbler – 0.4.0 is a great helper wireless network administrator. It can also be used to detect available wireless networks when you're on the go.

Filesize: 1MB

Download NetStumbler – 0.4.0 From Andraji

Download: NetStumbler – 0.4.0

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