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Andraji | Thursday, February 09, 2012 | ,

RealPlayer Plus v15.0.2.72 Portable is a versatile player who, although initially thought to play audio and live video ( streaming ) over time has evolved into a full multi-format player.

With RealPlayer Plus v15.0.2.72 can open WAV , MP3 , AVI , DVD, 3GP, WMV... the list is endless, and of course also includes the formats of the house: RealAudio, RealVideo, RealText and RealPix.

RealPlayer Plus has a comprehensive multimedia library where you can manage both our collections of MP3, and Internet radio stations favorite, or CD. RealPlayer Plus v15.0.2.72 Portable supports synchronization with portable players like iPods from it, besides having a built-in CD recorder.

In terms of appearance, RealPlayer Plus v15.0.2.72 has not changed much from previous versions (although you can customize), although it is not surprising because it is very clear and clean, and once you pass the "compact mode" can be used so as we would like another style Winamp.

Filesize : 43.8 MB

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Download: Download RealPlayer Plus v15.0.2.72 Portable

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