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Faronics Deep Freeze Server Enterprise enables administrators to protect their operating systems and software, having to use additional authority to serve their clients. Each time you restart your computer, Deep Freeze Server take the system to its original state. The protection Deep Freeze Server Enterprise offers extends via a LAN, WAN or the Internet. It is a very useful tool for education and training environments.

The protection offered work against malicious software attacks, since a simple reboot will take you back to the initial state of your computer. This software also prevents operating system corruption and hard disk fragmentation, thus reducing problems related to software support.
Download Faronics Deep Freeze Server Enterprise - Andraji

Deep Freeze Server provides bulletproof protection to IIS, Web, and other Internet-exposed servers. Should your server come under attack by malicious software or activity, a simple restart undoes all the damage.

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Download: Download Faronics Deep Freeze Server Enterprise

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