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WiFi Cracker 2011 is the easiest way to crack any WiFi or Hotspot in your area. This is an All in One solutions for you in your way to have an access to the wireless connection. Includes the most popular tools in wireless hacking. So you don't need to download it one by one, this is All in One tools.

WiFi Cracker 2011 is a collection of wireless hacking tools in one program. If you have search about wireless hacking, the tools below maybe familiar with you:
Download WiFi Cracker 2011 - Andraji
  • AiroPeekNX
  • CommView
  • AirCrack
  • AirSnort
  • WEPHack
  • Hacking WEP Plugin
  • WEP Key Password Spy
  • WEP Decoder
  • Airo Wizard
  • Wi-Fi Defense
  • Easy WiFi Radar
  • NetStumbler
These tools are include in this WiFi Cracker AIO 2011. But every tools have it's own rules to be done, so you must learn to use it before you can crack a Wi-Fi or Hotspot. Remember to install the Driver included before!!!

Filesize: 122MB

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Download: Download WiFi Cracker 2011

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