Skype Final Full Offline Installer

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Skype Full Offline Installer is one time download for full feature of Skype for windows. Skype is the best application of phone calls and video calls over the Internet. With a microphone and headphones can talk to friends and relatives living across the globe or in your neighborhood. And with some money, Skype also works as a normal phone.

To call someone, add them as a contact and just double-clicking its name: Skype will contact the other computer, if the other person picks up, the call will take place . The sounds and buttons are very similar to a telephone, so the user is absolute.

Skype not only allows voice calls between computers but also between your computer and a phone either. For this you need to add credit to your Skype account , a safe and simple process. The Skype rates are quite competitive and the quality of call exceeds, sometimes the conventional lines.

Skype Final Full Offline Installer
Skype is the new phone. The fifth version, with group video conferencing, integration with social networks and an even more pleasant, puts Skype light years ahead of its competitors.

Filesize: 18MB

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Download: Skype Final Full Offline Installer

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