Game Stress Relief 2.0

Andraji | Sunday, March 11, 2012 | ,

Game Stress Relief 2.0 is a small game for you who hate your computer. Use a Hammer, Chainsaw, Machine Gun, Flame Thrower, Color Thrower, Phaser, Stamp, Termites, and a Washer to destroy your computer. Of course it's just a game, you can switch back your computer after playing it.

Game Stress Relief 2.0 is very useful to release the stress after doing a hard work with your computer. Mad to your computer and want to destroy it, just use Stress Relief 2.0. You can destroy your computer without wasting any money to repair it after. Just press the "Esc" button twice, and your computer will coming back to normal.

Stress Relief 2.0 animated the nine tools on your screen with a sound of each tools. So, Stop smashing your mouse or keyboard and play Game Stress Relief 2.0.

Filesize: 0.5MB

Download From Andraji

Download: Game Stress Relief 2.0

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