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Age Of Empire III - Released in late 2005, Age of Empires III (AoE) inaugurated a new era in the small world of aggressive strategy games in real time . In this version of the saga Age of Empires, you start to conquer the New World, Magic and hostile to both.

In a series of 24 scenarios divided into three acts / times, you play as Morgan Black and his descendants in adventures that lead you on the edge of the Caribbean Great Plains of North America.

Help the Aztecs resist the Spanish conquistadors , support the French against the British during the Seven Years' War, support Simon Bolivar in South American revolutions. With Age of Empires III is a great historical epic that awaits you!

Download Game - Age Of Empire III - Andraji

Of course, you can only play a quick battle in Skirmish mode, taking the reins of one of the factions offered.

You can assign different formations to your troops, or to entrust this task to the computer, which will select the most appropriate. In this version, the buildings deteriorate and collapse in a unique way depending on the damage received and the surrounding terrain.

Similarly, when your horse kick in the soldiers foot or your enemy cannonballs split the crowd, you may find realism with which the unfortunate infantry shattered.

Install Notes :
1. Extract all files to a directory of your choosing
2. Use Alcohol 120% or Daemon Tools to mount rld-aoea.cue
3. Enter the provided CD-Key and install the game (rld-aoeb & rld-aoec will be asked for during the installation)
4. Run “aoe3-113-english.exe”, which will patch the game
5. Copy “age3.exe” to …\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III
6. You’re done!

Rar Password: aoeiii

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Download: Download Game - Age Of Empire III

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