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Download Portable Google Chrome from mediafire. With it you can launch applications and web games in a nice, easy and, above all, fast. It is the main alternative to Firefox and Internet Explorer.

A single bar for all
Google Chrome is a very easy to use. Its only bar, Omnibox, to enter web addresses and search Google. As you write words, Google Chrome suggests outcomes of history, favorite pages or web applications installed.

Yes, you read that right: web applications. Google Chrome, in addition to loading web pages, you can run complex applications such as Chrome Angry Birds or Remote Desktop, all free. Google Chrome also can be customized and enhanced through extensions and themes. There are thousands and satisfy all tastes and needs.

Google Chrome 16 Portable - Andraji
Maximum privacy
Google Chrome has Incognito mode, a riding style which does not store any file on your hard drive. Incognito Mode, activated from the Tools menu or by pressing Ctrl + Shift. + N, does not store cookies, images or even leave footprints.

Remove the navigation data is easy. Go to the Tools menu in Google Chrome and in Advanced Options panel opens. There, click the bot ng Clear browsing data and select the time period and type of data you want to delete.

A stable and secure motor
When browsing, the security is very important. Google Chrome filters pages with virus to access them and load each tab separately, so if a page becomes unstable, you do not close your browser. Google Chrome updates are frequent and automatic. Thanks to its V8 engine, Google Chrome appears consistently in the top of the main comparative speed. This improves performance version after version. Compatible with all web standards, like HTML5 and Flash, Chrome loads the PDF files with its own viewer.

An increasingly common browser
More and more computers using Google Chrome as your primary browser. Its attractive design, high speed and customization options make it a strong candidate to lead the browser market. Do the best alternatives? Only Opera and Firefox can stand up.

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Download: Download Google Chrome 16 Portable

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