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Attack on Pearl Harbor is an arcade game. This game is based on the World War II story. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor is again inspired a video game arcade in this case air, which will take the controls of American P-47 or Japanese Zeros.

Two campaigns with different style missions apparently because really the only thing you should do is kill all the enemies that try to eliminate you. Knocked down bombers, fighters and even bombed enemy installations. The management of the game is very simple (just use a couple of keystrokes and mouse) and quickly immersed in the middle you see the action.
Download Game Attack On Pearl Harbor - Andraji
The game features a graphical section. Not only for model airplanes, perfect recreations of the real counterparts, but also by the narrative of history, which has been created as if it were a comic book. In addition, the sound digitization offers both shooting and the bullet holes in aircraft and facilities.

Filesize : 180 MB

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Download: Download Game Attack On Pearl Harbor

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