Download CCleaner v3.15.1643 Portable

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CCleaner is a free utility that cleans your system of junk files and Registry errors. With a few clicks, CCleaner helps to reclaim space on your hard drive and get the computer to be somewhat faster and more efficient.

Cleaning your PC with CCleaner
The cleaner is CCleaner's main function: detects unnecessary Windows files and applications installed. Click Analyze and let CCleaner find out how much your team has accumulated garbage. Another click on Run Cleaner and get your disc clean instantly.

Repair the registry with CCleaner
Section Registration of CCleaner is dedicated to verify the integrity of Windows registry, the file that contains the system configuration. CCleaner scans the registry looking for more than a dozen types of errors and provides the ability to save a backup before repair.
Download CCleaner v3.15.1643 Portable - Andraji

CCleaner Advanced
The menu Tools CCleaner contains specific utilities, such as an uninstaller program quickly, an editor of the programs started with Windows and a manager restore points . New to CCleaner 3 is a utility to erase the free space (increasing safety).
CCleaner is extremely fast and simple , and if you invoke it from the Recycle Bin is even faster.

Filesize : 4MB

Download From Andraji

Download: Download CCleaner v3.15.1643 Portable

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