Total Commander 7.57a Final Release

Andraji | Saturday, March 10, 2012 | ,

Total Commander 7.57a Final Release on March 9, 2012. This version mainly corrects some errors which were found after the release of Total Commander 7.57. For example, calculating the size of directories with Alt+Shift+Enter sometimes stopped working after copying files in background. Total Commander is an Explorer replacement for Windows file that adds several useful ideas, such as visualization of two folders at once (great for transferring files and folders) or connecting to server FTP.

The way replaces the Total Commander file browser is allowing you to open multiple instances of the program, similar to the typical windows of this application. At the top you will see all the ways to view the folders, and on top menus you can access all program functions, but also you have keyboard shortcuts .

Total Commander 7.57a Final Release

In turn, activates contextual features of Total Commander, as access to higher folders, renaming, compression or decompression of files.

Filesize: 3.1MB

Download From Andraji

Download: Total Commander 7.57a Final Release

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