Counter-Strike 2D v0.1.2.0

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Counter-Strike 2D v0.1.2.0 is a different perspective for Counter-StrikeCounter-Strike 2D is Exactly what it's name Suggests: a two-dimensional version of Counter-Strike. Options, controls, methods are identical to the original Counter Strike by valve.

This two-dimensional version retains all the features of the gameplay of the original Counter-Strike game. This is an online shooter (but you can only play alone Against Opponents AI controlled), and above all extremely Varied tactics. The right combination of strategy and action That Made famous the original game can be found in full in Counter-Strike 2D. Just as easy expandability through arenas and MOD created by users.

Counter-Strike 2D v0.1.2.0

To start shooting, do not even need installation. Once you reach the main screen you have to decide Whether to join a game Already in progress, or to Accommodate new one. In the first case Counter-Strike 2D v0.1.2.0 allows you to search public servers available on the Internet or insert the address of a server manually. Also The game includes a map editor.

Filesize: 7.5MB

Download From Andraji

Download: Counter-Strike 2D v0.1.2.0

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