Opera 11.61 Final Release

Andraji | Friday, March 09, 2012 | ,

Opera 11.61 Final Release is a great browser with a superb support for the latest web standards, fast, capable and with a lot of added features.

The functions of many to highlight Opera. From Widgets to Opera Unite technology, to Speed ​​Dial, Mouse gestures for visual mode and stacking tab, or grouping of tabs.

Even as the browser that incorporates more standard tools, Opera still lacked something, extensions, and this lack is finally satisfied since version 11. Installing an extension is as simple as click-no need to restart your browser.
In short, Opera browser is a fast and capable, who long ago broke with the myth of the inconsistency. Their behavior in Windows is robust and flexible compared to other browsers, and has no against for not being your browser header.

Filesize: 10MB
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Download: Opera 11.61 Final Release

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