Comodo Dragon 17.5

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Comodo Dragon 17.5 is a Clone of Google Chrome with a touch of security and more. Comodo Dragon is a fine example of what Open Source can offer users. The computer security experts from Comodo have taken over the account open source project Chromium Google to create Comodo Dragon, a browser always very efficient and safer.

If you are used to navigate with Chrome, switching to Comodo Dragon should not cause you any problems. The interface of Comodo Dragon is very similar to that of Google's web browser. You can even infuse your favorite topics or installing your favorite extensions.

Comodo Dragon announces additional features to enhance security. Unfortunately, even the website editor is fairly vague on the actual performance of its browser.
Comodo Dragon 17.5

Of course, browsing history is easier to remove. Comodo Dragon offers - just like Google Chrome - a private browsing mode. Beyond these small changes, it is difficult to clearly identify how Comodo Dragon really stands out Chrome .

Free and based on Chromium, Comodo Dragon is a browser-friendly and easy to use. The business case for the publisher - "Superior Security and Privacy" - still deserved a more complete technical explanation.

Filesize: 25MB

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Download: Comodo Dragon 17.5

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