Opera Next 12.00 Alpha Latest Version

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Opera Next 12.00 Alpha is a development version of a great Norwegian Web browser Opera . It bears the code name "Swordfish", ie sawfish, and operates within the channel developer Opera NextOpera Next 12.00 Alpha installs itself as a separate program on your desktop and see a silver letter "O" instead of red.

See what's new in Opera Next 12.00 Alpha for a stable version of Opera? The biggest changes are focused on Speed ​​Dial, which is the start page, which displays shortcuts to the most frequently visited pagesOpera Next 12.00 Alpha introduces extensions to Speed ​​Dial. Thanks to the Speed ​​Dial windows we can see the weather, short for the latest information and pictures from our album online. Users can also create your own extensions for Speed ​​Dial.
Opera Next 12.00 Alpha Latest Version

Opera Next 12.00 Alpha also allows synchronization of encrypted passwords. For this purpose, the service is used Opera Link, which synchronizes bookmarks for favorite sites. Now, between different Opera installations we can also synchronize your saved passwords for websites.

If you want to constantly be able to test the functionality of the latest Opera download Opera Next 12.00 Alpha. In case of any problems you can always run a stable version of the browser, thanks to the Beta Opera does not update the main installation.

Filesize: 10MB
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Download: Opera Next 12.00 Alpha Latest Version

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