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Andraji | Sunday, February 26, 2012 | ,

Orbitron: Revolution is a 2.5d, side-scrolling shooter and the first game from Firebase Industries; a new, upcoming studio that launched in June of this year. With Orbitron being their first game, I’m extremely impressed with the amount of polish in this game – most game companies’ first games still carry bugs or whatnot, but not this.

Now, while a man can preach only so much about the graphics for this game, I think I need to reiterate – this is a beautiful game. There is a distinct techno vibe from the game and the soundtrack ups that vibe ten-fold. The soundtrack, produced by Audio Antics (who did the soundtrack for Geometry Wars: Retro Revolved), suits the game well, immersing you in the action immediately. Even though I am a self-confessed techno fan, I feel any lover of music (AKA everybody) will enjoy the music; nothing mindblowing, but still good.

Though the game certainly is a looker, it lacks content – there are 2 game modes from the off (Countdown & Ring Defence, Extra – unlocked after surviving for more than five minutes in a mode). There is only 2 ships playable, there’s only 1 level to choose from, and single-player only (there is a replay feature, but it only works in Countdown). This makes gameplay a limited and frankly linear affair because there’s only so much you can do in the game.

Filesize : 93.23MB

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Download: Download Game Orbitron: Revolution v1.0 Full

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