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IOBit Game Booster v3.3 Portable is a portable application to boost your computer performance while you playing your favorite gamesIOBit Game Booster will free your memory from unused program and services that you don't  need while playing games. This tool will also repair your internet connection when you play an online games.

Game Booster gives the player a handy tool to get the best performance of his machine without being bothered by Windows. Game Booster makes it possible to reduce the footprint of applications running. It analyzes the system automatically closes all processes system non-required courses, and then takes care of all open applications to offer to close the unnecessary.

Game Booster is also responsible for emptying the RAM to optimize the computer a little more. Since its latest program is also responsible for finding the latest drivers for your hardware, to be always up to date.

After undergoing this temporary mini facelift, customizable , you get a fresh machine, ready to use gourmet video games.

In our tests, the program has proved true to its slogan, but its impact was a relatively small. Applications have been closed, like Windows Live Messenger, and some system processes too, but the amount of memory freed was not important enough to score a big difference.

Simple and practical, here is a free utility to optimize the game without destroying the system. Simple, but not making miracles.

Filesize : 6.72MB

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Download: Download IOBit Game Booster v3.3 Portable

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