Free Download Game Onet dan Onet v2 work on all Windows

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Onet is one of my favorite puzzle game. Onet also known as Pikachu game, is a game to train the brain to think fast. The game playing by matching 144 picture (9 rows and 16 columns), each picture have a match and must be reachable without anything block it in 3 turn. This game is portable, so you can play it anywhere without installing it first, just execute and play! For Windows 7 and Windows Vista user you need msvbvm50.dll to play it (included in download file). Just place the msvbvm50.dll into the same folder with onet.exe and play it.


Onet version 2 actually have no significant different with Onet version 1 on the game play. The most significant different is at the appearance and some bug fixes at sound. If you like the previous version, no doubt you must like this version too, because it is have a cool appearance than the previous version. For the difficulty level, don't worry it is still challenging and make your brain dizzy...:D. Like the old version it's still need msvbvm50.dll file to play. But for Windows XP user it is not a problem, just for Windows 7 and Windows Vista user, you must place msvbvm50.dll and onet2.exe at the same directory to play it.


Download: Free Download Game Onet dan Onet v2 work on all Windows

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