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Crystal Clear Bricopack
The Crystal Clear pack integrates a visual style which will bring some freshness to your Windows. In order to answer all your desires, several versions of this style are proposed. So, you have the choice between an Aero style or a Classic one, a Tux or a Windows button, a normal taskbar and a thin taskbar.

Choose the Crystal style
The modification of system files allows to change the appearance of Windows in depth.

And that includes icon modifications ! Indeed, for 5 years, we have seen the same icons in Windows XP. We need a change! And what is more beautiful than Crystal icons ? I will let you admire...


Additional software 
The aim of our Bricopacks is to make your desktop more beautiful, but also more practical.
So Crystal Clear Bricopack brings some additional software. For example, you will be able to change the colour of your folders so you can locate an important folder easier...
... And why dont you choose a magnificent Dock on your Desktop to organize your shortcuts elegantly ?

I want as much again !!!!!!
Its enough to ask ! In addition to icons, the visual style, and the additional software, this pack will change your logon ...

... Some common windows...

... But also mouse cursors!!!!

Is my PC going to suffer from a big decline of performances !?
NO ! Here lies the magic of Bricopacks ! The modifications are included directly in system files, so basic options dont use a lot of resources !
And for the additional software, we let you the choose during the installation, so the pack will be perfectly fit to your computer
What happens if I change my mind ?
Dont panic ! The Crystal Clear Bricopack has a new control panel ! You decide which software you activate or not, and if you want to restore your old Windows XP, uninstalling the pack will bring everything back !

Precautions to take :
- First, make sure that the pack is compatible with your system (to check you systems information, right click on my computer, then, click on proprieties).
Here is the list of compatible systems :
- Windows XP
- Windows XP SP1
- Windows XP SP2
- Windows Server 2003
- Windows XP Media Center (SP1, SP2 or without SP)
- Windows XP Tablet Edition
Be careful, this pack isnt compatible with 64 bit versions (x64) of Windows XP

- You must uninstall other software like Bricopack, ShellPack or CustoPack before the installation of a new Bricopack.
- We dont guarantee the compatibility of our Bricopack with modified (Gold, Light, LSD) versions of Windows
- You must have administrator rights in Windows XP to install this pack safely.
- If for X reasons your machine not work with the first boot following the installation of the pack, you can restore your system: Put your CD of XP in the reader and launch the restore console. Type "R" at the invites setup. You have the console with prompt "the c:\WINDOWS >", type: "BATCH BricoPackUninst.txt". Type EXIT when the operation finished.



Download: Free Download Windows Theme : Crystal Clear Pack

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