TweetDeck 2.5.3

Andraji | Sunday, February 17, 2013 | ,

TweetDeck 2.5.3 is a complete tool to maximize Facebook and Twitter. If you have many contacts in social networks and you need to be aware of everything they publish, TweetDeck is ideal for everything it offers.

TweetDeck works with panels, you can add and remove. Each panel includes a type of information, such as status updates, posting pictures, comments, trending topics, etc.

TweetDeck is integrated in the system tray, and notifies you of each new message. It also has small grants, and search messages or URL shortener, among others.

TweetDeck just launched our awesome new service, allowing you to send messages of unlimited length to Twitter, should you so desire. You'd think that was enough awesomeness for now wouldn't you?
Download TwetDeck 2.5.3 From Downloads App
TweetDeck 2.5.3 not only added support, but also added a selection of other features and fixes across our Chrome, Desktop and Android apps too.

Filesize: 14MB

Download TweetDeck for Desktop From Andraji

Download: TweetDeck 2.5.3

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