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Abrosoft Fantamorph Deluxe is an amazing software to morphing imagesFantaMorph is a program with which you can create interesting effects of morphing . Ideal for fun (think of the result of a mix between your face and that of a relative) to make it work professionally.

You can create images blended together, placing two or more snapshots and points of transition between photos. FantaMorph will help you open a screen of "Project Wizard", which will select the files to work with and the type of action to take.

Download Abrosoft Fantamorph Deluxe 5.2.7 Include Keygen - Andraji
The interface of Abrosoft FantaMorph is clear. For your work you will find two windows for the selected images and a third where you can preview the result of applying the changes in real-time morphing. FantaMorph is not limited only to mix the images but also a real editor, containing all the main tools for basic editing.

But there's more. You can create real animated sequences, setting parameters and adding transition effects and sounds (some pre-loaded). Excellent the rescue phase, to keep the static images in all popular formats and those formats as diverse as animated AVI , GIF , SWF , HTML , EXE and SCR to achieve even include your personal screensaver. Too bad that the program's interface does not allow you to change the individual windows as you like and that work in the trial version, saving, are applied in the light of written superimposed penalizing the aesthetics of the result.

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Download: Download Abrosoft Fantamorph Deluxe 5.2.7 Include Keygen

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