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Excel 2010 Formulas by John Walkenbach
What You Need to Know
This is not a book for beginning Excel users. If you have absolutely no experience with Excel, this is probably not the best book for you — unless you’re one of a rare breed who can learn a new software product almost instantaneously.
To get the most out of this book, you should have some background using Excel. Specifically, I assume that you know how to :
~ Create workbooks, insert sheets, save files, and complete other basic tasks
~ Navigate through a workbook
~ Use the Excel 2010 Ribbon and dialog boxes
~ Use basic Windows features, such as file management and copy and paste techniques
Take your Excel formulas to the next level with this updated reference
John Walkenbach’s name is synonymous with excellence in computer books that decipher complex technical topics. Known as “Mr. Spreadsheet,” Walkenbach provides you with clear explanations on all the methods you can use to maximize the power of Excel with formulas within the frameworks of all the new features of Excel 2010.
E-Book ~ Excel 2010 Formulas

Excel 2010 Formulas by John Walkenbach

You’ll learn how to create financial formulas, maximize the power of array formulas, develop custom worksheet functions with VBA, debug formulas, and much more. This invaluable reference is fully updated for the new Microsoft Office release and provides comprehensive formulas coverage, delivering more than 800 pages of Excel tips, tricks, and techniques you won’t find anywhere else.
Demonstrates how to use all the new features of Excel 2010 to maximize your formulas
Shows how to develop custom worksheet functions with VBA, debug formulas, create financial formulas, and more
Serves as an indispensable reference no matter your skill level
Includes a valuable CD-ROM with sample files, templates and worksheets from the book, plus John Walkenbach’s award-winning Power Utility Pack
Prepare to excel with Excel when you have John Walkenbach and Excel 2010 Formulas by your side!

Download: Download E-Book ~ Excel 2010 Formulas

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