Download Photoscape 3.6 Portable

Andraji | Thursday, December 29, 2011 | ,

Photoscape is a viewer, organizer and editor of available images whatever your skill level. It has everything you need to manipulate photos on your computer and its results for everyday use are varied and attractive.

The functions of PhotoScape are organized in two ways: through a stock ring common with the tabs on the top of more general use. Between the two utilities will find all kinds:

Download Photoscape 3.6 Portable - Andraji
- Viewer
- Editor
- Processor Advanced
- Create mosaics
- Create murals
- Create GIF animation
- Print photos
- Converter of formats

Excellent performance and speed to retouch your photos
If anything is to be commended for their PhotoScape speed . Open the program will take a few seconds, much less time than other editors like Photoshop, but both point to different audiences.

Download From Andraji

Download: Download Photoscape 3.6 Portable

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