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Andraji | Thursday, December 22, 2011 | , ,

The latest release of Mozilla Firefox 9.0 are now available on portable edition. Mozilla Firefox claimed that this version 30% faster than the previous version.

This is all because Firefox includes Type Inference which boosts JavaScript performance and allow rich websites and Web apps with lots of pictures, videos, games and 3D graphics to load and run much faster.

Firefox with Type Inference is up to 30% speedier on JavaScript benchmarks like Kraken and V8.

Download Mozilla Firefox 9.0 Portable - Andraji
Web developers will notice Firefox helps websites load much faster, especially sites that download large sets of data or use AJAX. Firefox supports chunking XHR requests, allowing websites to display content as it’s downloaded instead of waiting for the entire download to complete.

For more details about the new developer capabilities in Firefox, check out the Firefox for Web developers page.

Download From Andraji

Download: Download Mozilla Firefox 9.0 Portable

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