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Bleeping Computer ComboFix Anti Malware is an application to delete spyware, rootkit and other threats. This is the latest version on March, 24th 2012. ComboFix is ​​a free program to remove malware. It is very effective, although probably not recommend it for beginners. Download the latest ComboFix if you need an advanced antispyware tool, without any unnecessary frills.

ComboFix does not require installation, but to use it in full you must be prepared. Program in operation needs to access sensitive files of the system. It is therefore necessary to install the Windows Recovery Console, which will restore the system in the event of an unforeseen error. It is also turning off any antivirus programs, so ComboFix can scan the whole computer included files that had been blocked by Anti virus.

After running Combofix starts lasting for several minutes, the scanning system. During the meeting may happen, strange things, but do not be alarmed. Icon disappears from the desktop and change the clock settings are also elements of an ComboFix. If the scan the program encounters a file identified as dangerous, he immediately tries to remove it. If your computer is infected, the operation of ComboFix may be so prolonged.

When ComboFix is finished trying to restore all the original settings. Sometimes it fails with an Internet connection, but restarting the computer fixes the problem. Description generated by ComboFix scan results is saved in a text file. If you have problems with your computer, save the scan, i.e. ComboFix log, can be interpreted by trained community helpers (helpers), you will find the program dedicated forum Bleeping Computer ComboFix Anti Malware. To talk with them can be useful also record the program scan HijackThis.

Filesize: 4MB

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Download: Bleeping Computer ComboFix Anti Malware

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