Mozilla Firefox 12.0 Beta 4

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Mozilla Firefox 12.0 Beta 4 is a version of Mozilla Firefox web browser before it's release as final version. The latest final version of Mozilla Firefox is 11.0Mozilla Firefox 12.0 Beta 4 is more stable than Aurora version of Mozilla Firefox. The latest Mozilla Firefox Aurora is version 13.0a2.

Firefox Beta enhancements are related to performance, stability and compatibility standards. For something more adventurous, we suggest you try the development versionMozilla Firefox Aurora is version 13.0a2.

Mozilla Firefox 12.0 Beta 1
Remember that Mozilla Firefox 12.0 Beta 4 provides a convenient menu on top to post comments about things you liked or bothered in this development version. With your help, Mozilla will create a better browser.

Filesize: 16MB

Download From Andraji

Download: Mozilla Firefox 12.0 Beta 4

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