uTorrent 3.13 Build 27060 Final

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uTorrent 3.13 Build 27060 Final is the fastest and lighter torrent client. uTorrent is a lightweight and powerful BitTorrent client. With it, you can download all the files you want. It Takes up little disk space and loads in seconds.

Despite its small size, the possibilities of this program do not differ from the competitors. uTorrent has become according to the manufacturer's most popular program of its kind in the world. Why? The decisive factor is easy to use uTorrent.

uTorrent 3.13 Build 27060 Final - Andraji
uTorrent is undoubtedly one of the best clients for torrent downloads. It is true That They miss features like an integrated music player or similar to Vuze torrents. But if we Consider the key goals of a P2P client, uTorrent Approved with honors.

uTorrent 3.13 Build 27060 Final allows you to simultaneously download several files, configuration upload and download speed of data for each torrent, and for all. uTorrent also has a resume function calls and an RSS feed allows you to see recently added files in the network exchange.

Filesize: 0.9MB
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Download: uTorrent 3.13 Build 27060 Final

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