CleanMem 2.4.0

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CleanMem 2.4.0 by PcWinTech is a program to Kill unnecessary processes in RAM. CleanMem is an application disabling unnecessary processes running in your computer's memory. This program will increase computer processing capacity, and programs can start faster. If you want to optimize the speed of your computer, download CleanMem.

CleanMem 2.4.0 "kills" unnecessary processes in the computer memory every 30 minutes. The program runs in the background, and therefore is invisible and does not interfere with normal operation. The positive effects of the applications most affected by the holders of a small amount of RAM in your computer.

CleanMem 2.4.0

CleanMem 2.4.0 is a small, free application is able to streamline processes in your computer. If your machine gets short of breath, get CleanMem.

Filesize: 3.14MB

Download From Andraji

Download: CleanMem 2.4.0

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