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Notepad++ 6.1 is a complete source code editor and Windows system "Notepad replacement". Notepad++ offers you a wealth of options to be productive than when you write source code or text file (and only those). For example you can use it as html editor.

Despite the share name with Notepad in Windows, Notepad++ is not connected with Microsoft, rather it is a program open source distributed freely on the net.

Compared to classic Notepad is a text editor, and infinitely more full of additional features, especially for software developers. Notepad++ is very useful for users who speaks with a number of features such as syntax coloring, auto complete text, pair of brackets, print the code with syntax coloring and much more. Notepad++ is distributed with the settings for thirty of the best known programming languages, but it is obviously possible to download more, or define your own. It can be used such as html editor.

Even if you're not a programmer you can still find many good reasons to use Notepad++ to write and read your text file. The interface is extremely convenient: allows you to simultaneously view two texts side by side windows or use the tabbed browsing to open an unspecified number of files in the same program window, without cluttering the taskbar in Windows.

Several regressions in v6.0 are fixed in Notepad++ v6.1:
  • Fix search/replace bug while Document Map is opened.
  • Fix User Defined Language syntax highlighting problem while Document Map is opened.
  • Fix showing Chinese characters problem while Document Map is opened.
  • The old behaviour of comment/uncomment without selection is restored.
  • Fix selecting all the text in document map while clicking on its dialog caption.
  • As informed in the previous release, ANSI binary is not provided anymore.

Filesize: 9MB
Download From Andraji

Download: Notepad++ 6.1

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