Android Injector 2.23

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Android Injector is a handy application designed to help you install an application on your Android device. It can be useful for the users that cannot visit the official store or that choose to install apps that are available from other sources.

If you want to install an app downloaded from another website and you phone does not allow it, you might think about using a way to bypass this restriction. While the Internet provides you with other solutions like rooting your phone, some of them are complicated and raise legality issues.

Android Injector is an easy to use alternative that enables you to select multiple files from your computer and to install them in the phone memory with just a few clicks. It can also be of help when you cannot or do not want to use the mobile Internet connection to download and install an app.

Android Injector

Android Injector Download

The interface of the program is easy to use and allows you to browse the computer for selecting the APK files that you want to transfer. You can also associate the APK file extension with the application in order to perform a quick install.

Filesize: 3MB

Download Android Injector From Andraji

Download: Android Injector 2.23

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