Game Onet 1.5.2 Apk for Android

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Game Onet 1.5.2 Apk for Android is a free puzzle games for android. Onet is well known game in Windows also known as Chen's Study game or Pikachu Game. This is a game to train your brain to think fast. Onet is also known as Pikachu game because the picture is like the 'Pokemon' from Japanese animation character.

The purpose of Onet game is to remove all tiles by matching two images. There should be no obstacles between the two images and the removing route must be less than three turns.

Game Onet Apk for Android

Game Onet 1.5.2 Apk for Android

With this APK files for Onet game, you just need to download it and place it on your SD-Card before execute the file to be installed on your android system gadget.

Filesize: 3MB

Download Game Onet for Android From Andraji

Download: Game Onet 1.5.2 Apk for Android

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