Mozilla Firefox 21.0a2 Aurora

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Mozilla Firefox 21.0a2 Aurora is the version of Mozilla Firefox web browser before the beta release and final release. The evolution of the most popular free browser has accelerated considerably. Currently there are three stages of development, Aurora being the fruit of more primitive and recommended only in order to test its performance.

If you come to use the final version, I hardly distinguish Firefox Aurora is functionally the same and the look of your interface but hardly any differences, as any development version is more unstable. After tasting it or find a bug is recommended to send your comments to the developers by bot ng integrated.

Mozilla Firefox Aurora Download

Mozilla Firefox Aurora Download

On the other hand, being a prototype in constant development, Firefox Aurora will see improvements very common that you can enjoy before the rest of users. If you are curious and do not mind the risk, Mozilla Firefox 21.0a2 Aurora is the best way to discover the future of this browser.

Filesize : 21MB

Download Mozilla Firefox Aurora From Andraji

Download: Mozilla Firefox 21.0a2 Aurora

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