VirtualBox 4.2.8

Andraji | Saturday, March 02, 2013 | , ,

Imagine you have multiple Operating System in one machine and you can use them on the same time, without rebooting your computer. With VirtualBox 4.2.8, you can do all of those. Virtualbox is a virtual computer in your computer, you can install any operating system without uninstalling your main operating system, because it is run in your main operating system.

VirtualBox allows you to install and run at the same time, even multiple operating systems. It is a good software for software developers to test their software on multiple platforms. With VirtualBox you can see what they look like other in operating systems without the need to reset Windows.

VirtualBox Download

VirtualBox is ideal for testing programs and operating systems without the fear of spoiling anything. This is an excellent free program.

Filesize: 93MB

Download Virtual Box From Andraji

Download: VirtualBox 4.2.8

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