DestroyTwitter 2.1.5p2

Andraji | Friday, March 08, 2013 | , ,

Destroy Twitter is a lightweight twitter client. If you are looking for a simple twitter desktop client, Destroy Twitter is likely the best choice for you.

With it's funny names, your friend will see your tweet via DestroyTwitter, funny enough, isn't it? With the minimalist interface, Destroy Twitter giving you maximum ability that all twitter user need.

Destroy Twitter is an AIR based application, so if you want to use it, you must have Adobe AIR runtime environment installed on your system. You can download Adobe AIR here Adobe AIR Setup


Destroy Twitter Download

DestroyTwitter is a visually appealing AIR-based desktop app that helps you send tweets and keep track of your Twitter contacts in an easy way.

Filesize: 640KB

Download DestroyTwitter From Andraji

Download: DestroyTwitter 2.1.5p2

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