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Evernote is an excellent note book where you can store all kinds of information respecting its original format: personal notes, fragments of web pages, e-mail addresses, free lines on the screen, appointments, schedules or anything you can copy and paste with the Windows Clipboard.

Evernote interface includes all the necessary tools to add as many notes as you want and can be classified in different categories, add tags and launch searches among the available notes. In addition, Evernote offers the ability to post notes on your own webspace. Very useful option if you want to share your notes with other users or access them from any computer.


EverNote Download

Evernote is also synchronize with your gadget or every computer that have Evernote installed on. You can also access your note on the web, so if you don't have it installed on computer, you can go to Evernote website and log on to your account.

Filesize: 52MB

Download EverNote From Andraji

Download: EverNote

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