Mozilla Firefox 19.0.1 Final Portable

Andraji | Sunday, March 03, 2013 | ,

Mozilla Firefox 19.0.1 Final Portable is the latest Non-install version of Mozilla Firefox browser. Much like Previous Mozilla Firefox, the browser brings minimal design, improvements in performance and import data from Google Chrome.

Surfing the internet with Mozilla Firefox Portable is very simple. The browser's design options and eliminate unnecessary and bars all concentrated in one place: the Firefox button. That's where you find all the tools and options of the browser. However, if you prefer Firefox before, you can customize the interface to appear the menu bar, navigation, and bookmarks and extensions.

Mozilla Firefox Portable

Mozilla Firefox 19.0.1 Final Portable
In Firefox 19 there are many options as the very practical way of anonymous browsing, a password manager, a tool to block popups and and a center that facilitates the installation and management additions.

Mozilla Firefox 19.0.1 Final Portable reduced the differences for the Google Chrome and Opera. If you always liked Firefox, you'll love this turbocharged version. If, on the other hand, you do not know, this is the perfect time to discover one of the best browsers.

Filesize: 22MB

Download Mozilla Firefox Portable Release From Andraji

Download: Mozilla Firefox 19.0.1 Final Portable

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