Comodo Dragon

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Comodo Dragon is a free and lightweight browser inspired from Google Chrome. Comodo Dragon is a browser completely based on Google Chrome, and according to the creators, Comodo Dragon with enhanced the security, among them privacy.

One major advantage of the programs in open source is that anyone can improve an existing product. Of course it is more complicated than it seems, but occasionally, things appear legal.

If you've used Google Chrome browser, note that the visual Comodo Dragon is exactly the same. The bookmarks bar, the menu configuration options and more are all in one place.

Comodo Dragon
Another cool thing is that you install the same Chrome themes in Comodo Dragon and put a new outfit to the browser. On the other hand - inexplicably - the plugins and extensions are not compatible.

Speed ​​is also a strong point - and could not be different. Comodo Dragon loads pages very quickly. If you like trying new things and is looking for a different browser, Comodo Dragon is a good alternative.

Filesize: 33MB

Download Comodo Dragon From Andraji

Download: Comodo Dragon

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